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PoseidonWall is an acoustic device able to avoid cetacean depredation and fishery by-catch

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PoseidonWall is an “easy to use” acoustic electronic deterrent device. Through effective algorithms PoseidonWall is able to avoid cetacean depredation and by-catch.

The device is suitable for dolphins, killer whales and all toothed whales. These animals autonomously move away from the PoseidonWall.

Its tapered shape has been carefully studied to avoid being entangled into equipping fishing gears.

PoseidonWall for Orcas
PoseidonWall for Orcas
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PoseidonWall for Dolphins
Poisedon Wall for Dolphins
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Why is PoseidonWall important:

Depredation and by-catch are serious problems for fishermen and for animals all around the world. These issues disrupt fishing activity with loss and damage and, most of all, they kill thousands of specimens every year.

PoseidonWall allows to bypass these problems thanks to years of studies and field experiments.

Very sophisticated item,
Very simple solution!

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